Wardrobe Transformation


Do all the clothes in your wardrobe just leave you feeling overwhelmed?|
Do you worry that your clothes and accessories are boring or out of date?
Would you like to rediscover hidden gems, and learn how to put together outfits from what you already own?


You’ve gone through changes in your life – both good and bad – and, of course, they’re going to affect how you feel about yourself, your body and the clothes in your wardrobe.

But while you move onwards and upwards, your wardrobe will always be a reminder of the past.  That perfect dress you bought in the sales; the tracksuit bottoms you lived in when you were pregnant; that favourite pair of jeans.  Problem is, that’s not a wardrobe; that’s a museum of old things.  The dress was an absolute bargain, but you never wore it.  Your baby is now a teenager and, let’s face it, those jeans have been too tight for a while.

If your wardrobe is out of control, it’s time to sort and refresh it with a wardrobe transformation. 


In your half or full-day wardrobe transformation session, we’ll:

  • Review all your clothes, shoes and accessories (yup, the lot)

  • See what you look like in everything you own (when was the last time you did that?)

  • Do a colour analysis, so you know the best colours for you to wear

  • Declutter and donate clothes that don’t flatter you

  • Re-imagine new outfits from old clothes; updating trusted favourites


After your wardrobe transformation, I’ll send you a list of key pieces to complete your wardrobe, attaching links to items I think will work for you, complement your wardrobe and your lifestyle.

For more information about your wardrobe transformation, or to book, please get in touch