Style Consultation


Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?
Are you dressing for a shape, life or job you no longer have?
Would you like to look great every day with no effort?


Imagine waking up, opening your wardrobe and being greeted by an array of clothes and accessories that already mix and match; and are in the colours, styles and designs to suit your lifestyle and your body.

A woman’s wardrobe is a huge part of her identity and self-expression. So, if your wardrobe’s making you sad, you need a style consultation.


In this fun and relaxing 2.5-hour session, we’ll:

  • Discuss your current style

  • Discover which colours and shapes work best for you

  • Review your current wardrobe from pictures you’ve taken

  • Decide which of your clothes still deserve a place in your wardrobe, and explore why


After your style consultation, I’ll send you a personalised list of items to buy that’ll help you create many more looks that fit your lifestyle.

Knowing the colours you should be wearing and the shapes and styles that most flatter you, you’ll be more confident when you hit the shops (and more successful with what you choose).  If you want to use my super-shopper skills, you can also book a personal shopping session.

For more information about your style consultation, or to book, please get in touch.