Special Event Personal Shopping


Do you have a special occasion in your diary?
Are you worried about digging out something amazing to wear?
Would you like to find a perfect piece that suits your age, shape and budget? 


Special occasion coming? Let’s take the stress out of you getting dressed!  If you have no idea what to wear, where to look, or what looks good on you, you need to book a special event personal shopping day. 

Let’s be honest.  As soon as you get that party, wedding or function invitation, there’s a voice that pops into your head - and it’s anxious. What am I going to wear?  If you open your wardrobe, and every possible item gets a “no”, you need my special event personal shopping service. 

Special events can be the trickiest thing to shop for - mostly because they put us outside of our comfort zone. Whether you wear a suit every day or just slouch around in tracksuits, special events need special attention.


To get the most out of this fun-filled day, you’ll: 

  • Have an initial chat with me so I can learn more about you and the occasion you are attending

  • Get a moodboard of ideas for outfits, together with a list of suggested shops I think we should visit

  • Meet me at a pre-agreed shopping hub which suits your location, occasion and budget

  • Spend a day finding the perfect outfit and accessories, so you look fabulous on the day!


Instead of a stress-filled day frantically searching for the right outfit (and probably failing to find one), you’ll have had a relaxing, fun and productive shop.  It’ll do more than just kit you out for that one occasion- you’ll also get inspiration and insight on how to shop for events in the future.

For more information about special event personal shopping, or to book your day, please get in touch today