Personal Shopping


Do you need to look sharp for a new job?
Are you keen to look great and feel confident throughout pregnancy or new motherhood?
Have you been affected by ill health or the menopause?
Would you like to know the shapes, clothes and colours that make you look your best?


Life and body changes can be exciting.  But they can also make you feel lost, worried and completely overwhelmed when trying to find clothes to buy.  The shop floor may be divided into sections; tall, petite, curvy.  But where’s the section for nailing that interview?  Or slowly losing the baby bump?  Where’s the “makes me look amazing” collection?  That’s where I come in.

Hiring a personal shopper might sound like a celebrity service.  But it’s one of the wisest investments you can make.  With me fully filled-in on your lifestyle, shape and style needs, I’ll already know what to zoom in on, and what to avoid.  No more unworn purchases, bad decisions or fitting room panic!

Whatever life’s thrown at you, you need a wardrobe that’s strong, sassy and all about you. Look at your wardrobe now.  Is it really saying those three things?

If your wardrobe no longer works for you, you need my personal shopping service. 


In your fun, relaxing and informative day-long session, we’ll:

  • Visit a range of shops which are perfect for your location, look and budget

  • Check out the boutiques that stylists love (you’ll see why!)

  • Shop effectively, finding dream pieces in the perfect colours for you

  • Help you feel more confident in yourself and your style


You’ll finish refreshed, inspired and amazed at the freedom and confidence you’ll have gained.  Instead of a wardrobe filled with impractical or impulse buys (hello, dress), or boring “keep it safe” purchases, you’ll be able to wake up, open those doors, and slip into whatever outfit you need.  All personally chosen for your shape, style and lifestyle, so you can make that first impression a lasting one.

For more information about personal shopping, or to book, please get in touch