New You, New Look

LM mothers day.jpg

Have you had a baby; a period of ill health or are you going through the menopause?
Are you returning to work having taken some time off?
Do you feel disconnected from, confused by or down about your body?
Would you like to look and feel fantastic for the next year? 


If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, and it’s making you feel bad about yourself, it’s time to treat yourself to my ‘new you, new look’ service. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with and invest in yourself; plus look and feel fantastic. You’ll get hands-on professional help with your hair, make up, styling and clothes, and – if you take up the opportunity – a photo shoot to capture your new looks. Exciting!


During this transformative process, you’ll:

  • Have an initial chat with me so I can learn more about you and your lifestyle

  • Enjoy a full style consultation

  • Get a moodboard of ideas for outfits, hair, accessories and beauty- together with a list of suggested shops I think we should visit

  • Have four personal shopping days throughout the year; taking advantage of sales and new seasons

  • Have two days throughout the year devoted to hair, beauty and styling your new looks

  • Choose to have a professional photoshoot once you’ve been styled

  • Receive a list of recommended trusted professionals to help you with your hair and beauty needs

  • Get regular updates of clothing purchases you could be making to add to your new wardrobe


There’s no reason your wardrobe should lag in the past while you move onwards and upwards. My expert help links you, fashion and your needs in one service that won’t just make you look fabulous today, it’ll keep you one step ahead throughout the year.

For more information about new look, new you, please contact me today