Colour Analysis


Is your wardrobe really dull; full of black and navy? 
Do your clothes make you feel invisible? 
Would you like a wardrobe which expresses who you are right now? 


Sometimes when you are coping with huge life changes, clothes become a disguise; a necessity rather than a pleasure.  You start wearing dark colours – they’re practical after all; and black “goes with everything”. But these colours may also reflect how you feel about yourself and your life. 

If this sounds familiar, you need my colour analysis service. 

Wearing the correct colours for your skin tone, eyes and hair colour will make your face come alive! You’ll look younger, sparkly-eyed, well-groomed and effortlessly fantastic.   


After just one colour analysis session you’ll: 

  • Save time when you’re shopping; knowing instantly if something is a good colour for you, or not

  • Save money on clothes, make up and accessories: no more buying things which you’ll never wear as they wash you out or don’t look great

  • Have a more efficient and effective wardrobe. Everything will mix and match; and accessories will go with multiple outfits

  • Make a brilliant first impression every time you meet someone new, or go in to a room

  • Feel energised, alive and confident

  • Remember who you really are, inside, and connect with the old you

  • Be more confident as you engage with the outside world; whether you’re in the boardroom, on the school run or at work


Stop wearing black! It’s time to put some colour in to your life. What’s more, you won’t need to remember all the shades that make you look so great – for just £30 you can take away a little colour fan which will include all the colours which are perfect for you.

For more information about colour analysis, or to book, please get in touch today