'Tis The Season 🎉 - 50+ Party Dressing

Finding a party outfit is tricky at any age but when you add in hot flushes, insomnia, stress, weight gain - often around the mid-section, headaches, changes in the elasticity of the skin along with all the emotional changes that go along with the menopause, it is no easy feat.

The menopause is a massive life change, there’s so much to contend with and it’s essential that we all start recognising the impact it has on women - physically, emotionally and mentally. This stage of life can make women feel frumpy, out of sorts and disconnected from their sense of self and style. However, the menopause absolutely doesn’t mean women lose their sense of style, of course not! It is more about dressing for your shape, knowing the colours that compliment your skin and ensuring the fabrics sculpt your body rather than cling . Style doesn’t have an age - look at Iris Apfel, one of the most stylish women out there and she’s 97!! You’ve absolutely still got it, it’s just a new chapter.

I’ve put together 3 outfits below that are mindful of the above… layers, open necks, ruching, longer length tops breathable or/ and lightweight fabrics and adjustable waistbands are all a good idea. I hope you feel gorgeous, reconnected to your sense of self and ready for a party in these outfits! ❤️

meno look 2.2.JPG

I adore this top from Cos. It’s got ruching and appliqué so won’t cling to the mid-section. as well as being silk so natural and lightweight - a real winner

meno cos top.jpg

Fun and festive sequin jacket from Zara


Shimmer effect trousers from Zara - these are a great length and I think the combination of all the textures and fabrics will work well together

meno black tr.jpg

These are really great mules from Blue Collection at Zara. If you didn’t want to do heels, trainers could look cool with this outfit too - may be a charcoal or a black

meno zara shoe.jpg
meno look 1.2.JPG

Great pussy bow sheer leopard blouse from Zara, it feels sexy and stylish.


Whistles kimono jacket is plush and gorgeously festive. Velvet skims over the body so will be flattering.


Wide velvet trousers from Zara (again!) - I really love the gorgeous grey colour too

meno velv.jpg

These studded velvet mules from Zara are wonderful 😍

meno zara shoes 2.jpg
meno look 3.JPG

Ruching, open neck and lightweight. It also ends below the hip so will be flattering. Tops that end ideally on the hip bone are the most flattering for a rounder mid section.


This draped wrap top can be worn as a top or as i’ve styled it with a piece underneath almost as a jacket. Layers are key so it’s great to wear a few so that when a hot flash hits you can lose a layer. Apart from it’s layering capacity it’s also just a super chic piece from Cos

meno jacket .jpg

Wonderful skirt! Another absolute winner from Cos., I really love this and might have to get it myself. It’s just so cool

meno white skirt.jpg

Really great sculptural boots from Cos, great heel and such a good colour too!

meno boots.jpg

Lauren Manville