Iconic Women, Iconic Style - Fearless Revolutionaries and Reinvention Queens

These women have made history - culturally, musically, creatively and stylistically.

When thinking of Fearless Revolutionaries in fashion and style - 2 women stand out:

Grace Jones


Lady Gaga


Both these women push boundaries with their fashion choices. They merge the space between art and fashion. Whether sculptural, androgynous, overtly sexual or verging on fantasy these women expand the imaginations and realms of what a pop star can be and look like - making the traditional idea of beautiful a very outdated notion.

Find below a gallery of images that give some indication of the whimsical yet fierce nature of these women’s choices.

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These fantastic women and their revolutionary style, hold an enormous place in style history as do these Reinvention Queens





These chameleon queens are able to turn their sound and their style to just about any look and make it exciting, relevant and feel authentic each and every time. They are multifaceted, innovative, incredibly entertaining, talented women and a joy to watch. Some fave looks below - had to be gifs - such amazing movers too!


These women shape the zeitgeist - they convey an empowering message and represent a moment in history and actually narrate through decades in history. They are important strong female role models and entertain and excite. Through their ability to embody a new persona, and push boundaries with their songs, dance routines, videos or sexuality there are have the capacity to transform themselves which is conveyed enormously through their style.

Lauren Manville