The Elusive Black Boot


Amongst many clothing interests, I am a fully fledged shoe-aholic. I have an obscene amount of shoes and currently house most of them in 2 book cases of which they are so many pairs forced in to each compartment, its impossible to find a desired pair in a rush.

Given all this I feel I am particularly qualified to discuss the elusive black boot.

Screenshot 2017-09-05 15.28.41.png

I’ve just bought these brilliant Mango boots and love them dearly. A nod to the 60s as well as an ode to Margiela's Cup Heeled Boots -  they are right up my street. I love the zip and the heel is also a great height.


I’m a massive fan of Asos own brand shoes. I think they have excellent designers and often really get it right. These patent numbers are a great boot that should last you through Autumn and Winter at a very reasonable price 

Screenshot 2017-09-05 15.31.20.png
Screenshot 2017-09-19 09.17.15.png

Mango have really excellent footwear this season and these are no exception. they are juts the right amount of chunkiness and as with the above the zip is a gorgeous detail too. Find them here 


These are a great offering from Zara - very reasonably priced and very chic

Screenshot 2017-09-05 15.41.58.png
Screenshot 2017-09-19 09.38.44.png

I really like these boots for a bit more of a cowboy offering. They are more expensive but I imagine you would get a lot of wear out of them


I do enjoy the sock boot trend but feel its hard to find a good black pair. These lots of great coloured and print pairs out there. I do quite like these Zara ones though

Screenshot 2017-09-05 15.44.29.png
Screenshot 2017-09-19 09.51.21.png

I love a metallic heel - these Zara don't disappoint with great zip detail and really reasonably priced


These Zara boots will look as good with jeans as they will a skirt. Just the right amount of chunk and the zip detail adds an element of interest

Screenshot 2017-09-19 10.06.55.png
Screenshot 2017-09-19 10.14.20.png

I love a bit of hardware on an ankle boot. The heel is also a great shape. Find them here 

Lauren Manville