Suits You, Sir!


Women's trouser suits have been a thing since the 1930s really, ever since Marlene Dietrich wore a tuxedo and top hat whilst performing in Morocco and Blonde Venus. Although they were in existence as early as the 1870s when actress Sarah Bernhardt scandalized Paris by wearing a custom-made trouser suit, considered to be blurring gender roles.

Le Smoking - the woman's formal tuxedo introduced by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966 was an important fashion moment and paved the way for trouser suits to become a staple and important part of a woman's wardrobe. It still remains to be an exciting, progressive and uber chic choice.

Here's a few of my favourite suiting moments below

              Patti Smith looking uh-mazing.

              Patti Smith looking uh-mazing.

Lauren Manville