Stylish at Any Age!


The menopause is a natural part of ageing, unfortunately though, the fashion industry doesn’t particularly cater for this tribe of women and often the clothing selection feels drab or frumpy

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Pat Duckworth who is a therapist and author and runs the page as well as writing excellent books, running workshops all over the world teaching mind/body techniques to relieve symptoms and enhance mood. We discussed the symptoms of the menopause and the lack of selection of clothing available.

The menopause comes with a range of symptoms from poor sleep, brain fog, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, mood swings and headaches to name but a few meaning finding the right clothes is tough. For some reason this super important milestone in a woman’s life is often seen as a taboo subject and is rarely discussed.

Women may be entering a new chapter and transitional phase in their lives and might feel disconnected from their image and sense of self but there is no reason why they need to lose their style! Newsflash – they haven’t!

Find below 6 great outfits that won’t have you feeling like Sophia The Golden Girls or alternatively, Dorien Green from Birds of a Feather - an old biddy or mutton dressed as lamb! They all also thoughtful with regard to heat, comfort and lifestyle.



meno look 1.jpg

This outfit bar the shoes is from Jigsaw - I rarely shop in there but have found some excellent pieces for this brief so certainly will be in future!

I love this skirt! It’s a great length and shape and comes In 2 vibrant beautiful colours. Wear with thick black tights and below boots  

This top is gorgeous – it will work well for day or eve. The viscose sleeves means it won’t get too hot and the textured print is a lovely touch

Wear with this really cool coat. It is a wee bit pricey though an absolute showstopper

I adore these Chelsea boots from & Other Stories and will definitely getting a pair myself – they really remind me of the Acne Chelsea boot which sold out everywhere – so a great alternative and much more reasonably priced

meno look  2.jpg

This outfit is from Cos, except for the shoes. Cos is a beautifully curated store with chic professional day wear

I love this checked blouse – it’s ideal. Very stylish, has a wide neck so you won’t feel closed in, similarly has ¾ sleeves and is also 69% cotton so breathable!

Super cool looking and feeling these trousers are made from 96% cotton. These will look just as brilliant with a shirt in an off white or cream. Off white/ cream is way more flattering on older skintones and to be honest most complexions so try to go for that rather than crisp white  

Wear with this wonderful cocoon jacket 

Beautiful and amazingly priced, these velvet loafers are from Zara

meno look 3.jpg

Another lovely outfit from Jigsaw. This is a great open neck top. It is 100% polyester however so not particularly breathable but it is loose fitting and has a button down neck.

Laid back and super cool trousers - also from Jigsaw

A great simple cut in a pretty colour 

Stan Smiths are a great trainer and will look gorgeous and laid back with these pants. Find these black versions at & Other Stories 

meno look 4.jpg

Warm, stylish and cosy oversized checked coat from & Other Stories 

This top from Hobbs is gorgeous and luxurious – it has a round neck and ¾ sleeves so great to keep cool.

This relax fit pant from & Other Stories have a gorgeous blue panel along the side seam, adding an element of sportiness. The elasticated waist ensures comfort.

A burgundy suede boot to finish off the look - these are from & Other Stories. The above Stan Smith trainers would also look great with this 

meno look 5.jpg

All hail – what a beaut of a dress from Whistles, wowserrrrr! This belt will help provide a nipped in waist and the open neck means you wont feel too closed in. Gorgoeus for the festive season

Here’s a great velvet blazer from & Other Stories

These imitation python boots from & Other Stores (can you tell I'm a big fan of & Other Stories shoe department!) have a great texture and heel height and will look gorgeous with this dress

meno look 6.jpg

This pink sparkly number from Whistles will add lightness to even the most miserable days! Its only 23% wool so it shouldn’t get too hot. The crew neck is a softer, less claustrophobic alternative to a polo neck

Grey and pink are the loveliest pairing and these wide leg crop check trouser also from Whistles work so well together 

I’m really into pink trainers, these are from Zara and l love that they different shades of muted pink velvet 

I love this textured sequinned biker style jacket form Zara that pays homage to Chanel. It's an excellent alternative to a leather - age appropriate and oh so stylish! 

Lauren Manville