Velvet, Glorious Velvet


I adore velvet – it is luxurious and special and can make me feel like I’m either a 15th/ 16th century Europian Renaissance woman or perhaps a 1970s bosom bearing boho babe  -  either way I’m massively in to it. The only problem with velvet is that it can look cheap with extreme ease so choose wisely! My rules tend to be stretch velvet is not the one nor is crushed velvet except in very certain circumstances which has to involve the right shade and shape

I think it’s relatively easy to find a wonderful black velvet piece and since learning how to colour analyse I have an even greater love affair with colour so below are some of my favourite coloured velvet pieces and with them pointers to whom they would suit the most.

These pieces are high street to higher end of the middle market. There are a number of totally beautiful super high end velvet pieces out there (that I've already fallen in love with) so If you do have a bigger budget I can find them for you through my personal shopping service.... get in touch!

Screenshot 2017-10-30 16.36.45.png

This wonderful velvet pinafore from Ganni is totally gorgeous and a wowee colour! I may well have to  Invest in this one.

This would look particularly gorgeous on an Autumn or a Spring colouring


You can never have too many coats is something I tell myself REGULARLY. This is a particular winner from Biba: Velvet – check, Leopard print – check – Great!

Leopard is more of an Autumn colouring, however as long as you are wearing the right colour underneath and closest to your face I think all colourings can look pretty gorgeous in this

Screenshot 2017-10-19 16.05.25.png
Screenshot 2017-10-30 17.01.45.png

Sexy slinky blush beauty from Reformation

A cooler Summer will wow in this


This lovely Zara kimono dress is a really great shape and the print and colours provides a brighter alternative to usual autumn/ winter offerings

These colours are bold and have black in the background and so a Winter colouring would look really gorgeous in this. An Autumn could also look great in this

Screenshot 2017-10-30 17.06.00.png
Screenshot 2017-10-19 15.27.52.png

Zara is absolutely killing it again - This is right up my street and complimentary colour for my Spring skin tone – I absolutely love it!


I really like the colour and drapey shape of this Free People coat, it has a gorgeous laid-back boho feel to it. It will look wonderful on most colourings and particularly special on those in the Winter bracket

Screenshot 2017-10-30 17.47.12.png
Screenshot 2017-10-19 15.23.51.png

This is a lovely updated body option, a great alternative to black. It feels and looks really luxurious. I have this body in a print – the low v neck and the kimono sleeve are super flattering

This colour will look a dream on Autumns, some Springs will be able to wear this - for me it has to have slightly more gold in it to work for my kind of skin tone


This lovely navy blue velvet Topshop pinafore is a happy alternative to  black and – as in the pic – looks great with a shirt and a biker jacket. Although I still have a dear love of a crisp white shirt - off white is way more flattering on a warmer skintone

Screenshot 2017-10-19 15.20.03.png
Screenshot 2017-10-30 08.16.34.png

I love these flared Mango pants –they are such a gorgeous sumptuous colour and a really great shape. Chic A/W evening update.

Given that these are bottoms and aren't next to your face I feel that anyone can wear these as long as they are styled with the right top


Another great wide leg trouser offering from Mango – these velvet palazzo pants are a real treat for the eye

Although these would be particularly gorgeous on an Autumn, again anyone can wear them as they are on the bottom half

Screenshot 2017-10-30 08.19.19.png
Lauren Manville