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About Me


I am a personal stylist, personal shopper and designer with a previous career in the therapy field. 

I specialise in helping women to use the clothes they wear to express themselves; their journeys, lives, hopes, dreams and tremendous inner strength. All my clients leave sessions with me feeling self-assured, happy and empowered; ready to face the ups and downs that life will bring with confidence and style.  

Whoever you are, and whatever your budget, I will help you find your look, reconnect with your body and feel at peace with yourself in whatever you choose to wear.  

I can help you declutter, sort and add to your wardrobe; creating new looks from old items so you’ll love, wear and feel fantastic in everything you own.  You’ll get my style advice -  personalised - from the colours you should wear down to the shapes, styles, sleeves and hemlines that’ll work for you.

My background in design and therapy really helps me bridge the gap between the two, giving me a fundamental understanding of what you might be going through, and why your wardrobe’s suffering as a result.  My gentle, fun approach is empathetic and refreshing- exactly what your mojo needs!


You get dressed everyday.


Why not enjoy it.

Lauren Manville Style


Meet some of my recent clients



“Having had three children, I felt lost with my clothes.  I didn’t know what pieces to put together or what styles would suit the ‘new me’.  Lauren helped me understand my wardrobe better and encouraged me to try styles that I might have avoided before.  She put me at ease, working in a professional and understanding manner.  My confidence has grown in every aspect of my life, and I look forward to wearing the pieces that she has selected for me!”

Lizzie, mum of three, who is now happy and confident with the new looks for her new body




“I was thrilled with the service from Lauren.  She was polite, efficient and really fun.  I was looking for an outfit for my brother’s wedding in Italy, and wanted something elegant and bright to fit the destination and occasion.  I had looked everywhere for a dress, but I can be quite critical of myself and couldn’t find anything that I was happy with.  So I turned to Lauren for inspiration and advice.  Lauren was excellent!  She understood my style and my concerns, including my problem areas.  She found some fantastic pieces - I have no idea how she managed to, when I had scouted the shops for weeks!  She is a terrific shopper.  Overall a fantastic experience, highly recommended.”

Prisha, who found the perfect outfit for a Tuscan wedding




“I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my second, and never really got back to my original pre-baby shape.  Needless to say, I completely lost my self-confidence- sometimes just becoming overwhelmed at what to wear to actually go to the shops!  One hour with Lauren, and my former love for clothes and style was completely restored.  The service was impeccable from start to finish and worth every penny.  Not only were the clothes Lauren picked out spot-on for my body type and personality, she managed to make me feel both sexy and comfortable, all at the same time.  I’d never considered getting a stylist before- but after the experience with Lauren, I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner!  I feel really inspired again and would recommend Lauren to any mums out there who need a little pick-me-up and a gateway to being ‘you’ again.”

Carly, who found her pregnancy style and rocked that bump